Discovering your True Self is the

source of happiness

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Knowing who you are is essential to inner happiness

The first step on the journey to awakening and to navigating the world around you is in knowing yourself because it creates a deeper connection to your true self!

One of the many tools that may help is EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT works by addressing the cause of the problem, then the symptoms disappear. If you seek real and lasting change, call me and we’ll get started on the life you could be living . now!

Many of our reactions to life come from the unconscious mind, and we’re not even aware of it.

Deb Hill Life Coach & Counsellor Tasmania


I’m Deborah Hill, and I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to facilitate deep and lasting change.

Through tapping on specific body points while saying various words and phrases, you start to clear the old negative emotions stuck in your body, one by one.

Over time, as you become free of these emotions, you’ll experience a deeper sense of who YOU really are!

This is an amazing tool and I would love to share it with you as you walk your inner journey.

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“Deb helped me to be happy about my life as it is and I am very grateful to her for her kindness, understanding and for not judging me.”



“Something Deborah has taught me is that its not the truth that hurts but the lie.

I had no idea how many false beliefs from my past and my upbringing were

keeping me stuck.”



“Since using some very simple and practical tools given by Deborah,

my self esteem has increased, my ability to have more harmonious relationships has improved, and my ability to manage anger has also improved greatly.”


There are four stages to becoming truly happy.



There are deeper levels of yourself waiting to be explored,

unconscious places holding onto past memories that no longer serve you. Genuine happiness begins when those memories are freed.



Loving all of who you are in this moment is a very deep and

intimate experience and so many of us have missed this.



Loving others isn’t conditional, it’s about their happiness being as important as your own.



Love for oneself and others creates

a flow on effect to loving nature

and your higher or true Self.