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Accepting who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing right now, is essential to happiness!

Have you been searching for answers without finding them?
You’ve tried various practices but still the truth eludes you?

Maybe it’s time to stop struggling, trying to be someone you’re not.

True happiness comes from within. It’s in discovering who you are, your true beliefs, your purpose, and acting accordingly.

As you do the work you will:

 * Discover your true self
* Achieve your true potential
* Move beyond self limiting beliefs
* Develop in Spirit, Mind and Body

Four Stages of Consciousness

Know Yourself

The Beginning

Love Yourself

Self responsibility

Love Others

Altruistic Love

Love the Divine

Expanding Consciousness

Facing yourself with the willingness to accept what you find is the key!

You’ll discover:

* Reading and information aren’t enough – you need to take action
* The past is over, your reactions to it are not
* To get free, you need to look within for the answers

By turning inward, you become aware of the obstacles holding you back. As you shed them, step by step, you move toward a very genuine awareness of who you are, maybe for the first time!

In fact, going within is just the beginning of something far more profound.

 As awareness expands you experience your true Self, which is the keystone to happiness!

At the level of your true Self you’ll find:

Self love and acceptance
A deeper understanding of life
The freedom to be yourself

The True Self has access to a hidden resource that will guide you in remarkable ways if you let it!

As you learn to look at life from a new perspective, negative thoughts begin to lose their power over you.

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Practical support towards inner connection

The techniques and tools I use gently guide and support you on the journey towards your True Self.

As self limiting beliefs gradually disappear so to anger, fear, and depression, subside.

You realise a life founded on happy, joyous and meaningful experience is absolutely possible.

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Learning for Happiness answers what I believe to be a growing deficit in our attitude toward ourselves, others and the world beyond. It’s time we embrace ourselves as the truly unique and amazing Beings we are, a process which happens naturally through the integration of the Spirit, Mind and Body. Living from this perspective, people experience a deeper level of awareness of who they are – the True Self which is inherent within us all.  By addressing our scarcity and shadow side, without judgment, the true integration of the Self begins, resulting in a genuine experience of inner connection, freedom, and happiness.  TESTIMONIALS

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