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Working 1 on 1

This work will expand your awareness and change your life forever!

Deb Hill Life Coach & Counsellor Tasmania

Hello, I’m Deborah. I use a simple yet profound process to support you in identifying the obstacles standing between you and a more fruitful and joyful life, successfully.

As you experience inner change you will:

 * Discover your true self, the authentic YOU
* Achieve your true potential
* Move beyond self limiting beliefs
* Grow in Spirit, Mind and Body

How to develop your higher awareness

Stop the struggle

If you’re searching for answers and not finding them maybe it’s time to stop struggling, trying to be someone you’re not. True happiness comes from being your authentic self. It’s in discovering YOU, minus the old programming.

Learn to connect with your True Self

The authentic you lies beyond the self imposed limits you’ve learned about yourself.
You made decisions long ago based on their way of seeing the world, instead of your own.
This was done from a place of not knowing, of not realising the implications of such decisions.
Yet within us all, our True Self is waiting.

There is work to be done, the most exciting work out there, and it’s in the journey of Self discovery!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
~ Carl Jung

Using a simple yet profound process you will discover, uncover and remove the old programming, just like hitting the delete key on a computer.
Without the self imposed limits you begin to see the truth of who YOU really are!

Your TRUE SELF, the person you were born to be.
As the layers fall away you are left with YOU, a wonderful you!

Experiencing your true Self is the keystone to happiness!

At this level of consciousness you’ll find:
Self love and acceptance
A deeper understanding of life
The freedom to be yourself

Practical support towards inner connection

The technique I use to gently guide and support you is EFT. The link below is a YouTube video on EFT by Gary Craig, the founder of the Emotional Freedom Technique. 

Tapping on various body points while focused on a specific memory or event, allows access to core underlying feelings and emotions associated with it.

As the old emotions are cleared, a life founded on happy, joyous and meaningful experiences becomes absolutely possible.

I offer this work online, however if you’re in Hobart we can do a face-2-face session.
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