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A simple practice in letting go


When we try to control the outcome of situations, be it in our own life or in the lives of others, we shut ourselves off from the guidance of a higher power.

The outcome’s not up to us, so the challenge comes in letting go of the results, trusting that what will be, will be.

This is important to practice if you want to be happy. It’s about leaving the outcome up to the Divine and in doing so you provide a firm foundation for a peaceful and happy life!

It’s not easy, I know. I think that if it doesn’t work out the way I want it too, all hell will break lose, but it doens’t. I just don’t get what I thought I wanted.

When I let go of the outcome and hand the person or situation over to a higher Power, things have an amazing way of turning out, much better than the result I wanted.

It begins with Practice

When you find yourself thinking about a situation or person and you’re busy trying to work out a solution, you need to know you’re playing God yourself and it’s time to surrender it.

First, become aware of where your thoughts are. Ask yourself . . .  is this any of my business? Then, bring yourself back to this moment, and gently let them go.

I use visualisation to help me. I imagine a hot air balloon with the words ‘God’s business’ written on it and I put the situation, person, my worries or fears into the basket and cast it off.

When I began this practice I’d no sooner put them in than I was taking them out again. This was because

  • I didn’t trust the higher Power could take care of it, and
  • I thought I was responsible for the outcome.

Still, I continued to put them back in the basket and one day I noticed that I’d stopped taking them out. The thoughts were gone and my head was quiet.

If you have a go and the basket scenario doesn’t work for you, find something else that does.

I have a friend who uses a God Box. Throughout the day if she’s got something bothering her she writes it down on a piece of paper and sticks it in her God box. The funny thing is, it works. She stops thinking about whatever it was.

No need for force, just find whatever works for you and keep doing it!

Over time you’ll notice that you’re spending longer moments in the present … in Peace!

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