Deborah Hill

Hi, I’m Deborah Hill and I take a Spirit, Mind, and Body approach to your wellbeing.

My passion for working this way is influenced through the experiences of myself and others. That is, if you want your life to improve, then first things first.

After years of working with others, I realised something was missing.

That something has turned out to be the core aspect of my practice, understanding the relevance of the condition of our Soul to happiness.

I say this from professional and personal experience. If people are to achieve their very best, all aspects of what it is to be human need be acknowledged.

In fact, clients move further and faster when this is the case. It’s about who YOU [Self] are in all it’s entirety, that is, in Spirit, Mind and Body.

Learn to face yourself without judging

You begin with facing yourself.

It appears difficult at first because we tend to judge what we find. However, it’s a most rewarding experience.

In choosing to go within you’re led to a deeper, more meaningful understanding of who you are and why you’re here.

Within ourselves lies our True Self (Soul) which is connected to a higher source of wisdom and Power.

Through separation from the True Self, we unknowingly create our suffering.

Working from this perspective we uncover the source of our separation, the old ideas and attitudes which keep us stuck in the past.

By addressing our scarcity and shadow side, the true integration of Self begins, resulting in a genuine experience of connection, freedom, and happiness.

Your True Self is who you really are, the person you were born to be.

The inner person who is a unique, wonderful and precious human being.



With a background in social work and counselling, I’ve worked in a range of Government, Non-Government and Private Practice settings with families, couples, children, young people, parents, and individuals, to address a wide range of topics.

These include personal growth, self esteem issues, alcoholism, marriage breakdown, family breakdown, loss of a partner, unemployment, EAP counselling, separation, suicide and death.

Social work allows me to ascertain individual needs and resources, mindful of your specific challenges, whilst also assessing the need for other relevant community resources or support networks if required.

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