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Consciousness is wonderful but requires practice

In my early years I had the notion that achieving higher levels of consciousness would be easy and I’d feel wonderful ever after.

Obviously and with hindsight, I realise I was young and possibly a tad naive.

Although life is more incredible as time goes by, it’s been a different experience from the one I’d imagined.

To experience higher consciousness, one must practice

My journey towards self realisation or consciousness, began in the 70’s. I wanted to experience the bliss I’d read about in those strange Eastern books which crossed my path.

I’d open a book at a page and sense the message there but unfortunately, that was as close as I got to self realisation at the time.

I missed the whole point. The key to achieving higher states of consciousness is in the practice, and sadly, practice was lacking.

Reading spiritual literature is only information. It’s in the practice of the information changes occur.

Be careful what you seek, it will appear!

A higher consciousness evolves step by step, and requires effort on the practitioner’s part to do the work placed in front of them.

For instance, I wanted to be grateful, no matter what. Little did I know I’d sent this request out to the universe and it responded in kind.

Next thing you know I’m having an awful time, painful experiences coming at me left, right and centre. It would appear that in order to be grateful no matter what, you need to practice being grateful, no matter what!

I certainly got the practice!

Self reflection leads to acceptance

Practice over time reveals old traits which no longer work for us. When we let them go, we become present.

When present, we are conscious!

In becoming conscious of who we are, we naturally begin to let go of who we aren’t.

It’s not always easy, for as you journey towards your higher consciousness, you’ll experience good times as well as painful moments.

However, its through the painful times you grow the most! Pain brings us to a place of surrender, which gives us cause for self reflection so we can change, leading to acceptance of what is.

I begin to experience a deeper sense of peace and acceptance than ever before.

And as I continue to practice, it grows steadily, day by day.


The most effective way to transform into higher consciousness is to pay attention in the present moment.
~ Deepak Chopra

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