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Consciousness means being present in the moment

Consciousness, or becoming present, requires attention.

Ask yourself, where is my attention at this moment?

Conscious awareness occurs in the present, right now, it’s not in the past or the future.

Yet we spend many precious hours of the day reliving past situations or worrying about the future, and we miss this moment.

The time spent on worrying about events beyond our control means the wonderful present is passing us by.

Which means you may not be at home for the experience

When the Divine come’s calling, it calls in the present moment only.

Either you’ll be home to open the door, or you’ll be out.

Either you’re alive to the wonder of life, the possibilities of change and miracles that happen every day, or you just exist.

What do you want your life to be?

A mere existence, or a joyful conscious experience? It’s your choice.

Having existed without awareness of living in the present moment, I did the best I could. Now I’ve experienced a far better way to live.

When you become a conscious being, everything changes!

First, your relationship to your SELF changes and you begin to awaken to an inner, deeper sense of who that SELF is.

In a lifetime spent living as a chameleon, people pleasing all around, it’s easy to lose one’s SELF.

But oh the joy of discovering who you truly are!­­

A simple exercise in consciousness

Practice this exercise regularly. It will help to develop your awareness of when you’re not present.

Chose a day and observe those moments when you’re in the present. Notice when your attention wanders and bring it back.

Think of your thoughts as clouds and watch them floating past.

No engagement, just observing.

Focus on your conscious awareness

As a child, we went for long drives in the country. To occupy the time, we’d play a game to see who could spot the most white houses.

It’s amazing how many houses we saw when consciously looking for them. I’ve been on hundreds of drives since and seldom noticed a white house.

My point – if you’re serious about living consciously, you need to learn to focus on staying in the moment.

Life’s too short to miss any of it!

Photo Credit:  David Marcu @unsplash

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