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Do you control anger or does anger control you?

Anger. It can creep up on you slowly or it can happen in a flash.  Regardless of this, when you’re in it you feel as though you’ve got no control over it, yes?

That was my experience.

I’ve since learnt that anger is an emotion usually driven by fear, manifesting in situations in which I feel threatened. It might be a reaction to losing something I’ve got or not getting something I want.

No matter what the trigger is, it’s important to know that you have a choice to act on your anger or not.

Before I started doing the work that creates change within, I thought I was stuck with my temper. Nothing I could do about it, I thought. Wrongly, I felt I’d no choice in the matter because other people were responsible for how I felt, weren’t they?

Turns out, they aren’t. I’m responsible for my emotions and that’s good news because it means I can change the behaviour.

I don’t have to act on the anger today.

So what changed?

I learned that anger’s a reaction to something deeper. When I connect to what that something is and let it go, anger begins to fade.

I learned that other people aren’t to blame

As long as you believe that others are the cause of your anger, nothing changes.

But when you’re will to do the work you’ll gradually move from the space of victim (they’re doing it to me), towards self responsibility (I’m doing it to myself).

As long as you blame others for how you feel, you’ll attract situations to show you that it’s your anger, and therefore your responsibility to stop being angry.

When you awaken to the lesson a funny thing happens, you stop attracting these experiences into your life.

This is the process that moves you towards becoming a genuinely happy person.

Everything is an opportunity for growth

You start to realise that life is about learning lessons, without the need for judgment, blame, guilt or fear. These attitudes don’t work for us, never did really. It’s time to leave them behind.

Life’s lessons are to be learnt and then practiced. As you slowly move away from the old idea that someone’s doing something to you, and you start to become aware of your part in the bigger picture of life, you get free.

Your understanding changes and realise you’re going through the process which leads to an expanding consciousness.

That’s why it’s important to let go of the negativity. We don’t know why things happen, but  we don’t need to.

We live in a universe that has our very best interests at heart.

Circumstances provide a learning opportunity, nothing more.

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