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Gratitude is a tool for change

Beautiful spring, the blossoms are out in all their magnificence, and two words come to mind – Thank You.

Two small words which contain a lot of power.

Did you know that Gratitude, when practiced,  has the ability to transform not only how we feel, but how we look at life in general? Indeed, in difficult times the power of gratitude can really come to the fore.

Life is ups and downs and while it’s easy to be grateful when things are going my way, it takes a lot of willpower to be grateful when things aren’t to my liking.

Some years ago I realised that gratitude, or having a sense of appreciation, was lacking in my life. Grateful only for the good times, it was distinctly lacking when life was hard, and I wanted this to change.

So I made a decision to try to practice gratitude no matter what was going on.

The reality of the practice of Gratitude

To my dismay however, events that weren’t so pleasant showed up, one after another. This wasn’t what I signed up for at all!

Nevertheless, it turns out that the Universe is always listening and responded with many tough situations which allowed me to practice!

On reflection, it was the grateful glow, the natural consequence of appreciation that I was after. The actual reality of having to practice gratitude under all circumstances was difficult and challenging.

You see I wanted to feel good without having to work at it!

However, what I’ve learned is that to be content in life, gratitude requires practice through stormy weather as well as sunshine.

It’s about learning to tune into Gratitude

In my understanding, Gratitude is an energy which matches with the vibration of our higher self which is the true self. Therefore, when we practice saying ‘thank you’ over and over, we tune into this higher vibration or frequency.

As I say thank you repeatedly, although I may not be convinced at the time, if I keep going, something happens, there’s a shift.

It’s like tuning into a radio station. In order to listen to 107.5FM you have to tune into 107.5FM, and sometimes it takes a while to get a clear reception.

The same thing applies to gratitude. When I tune into the frequency of gratitude I begin to experience an inner warmth and feeling of well-being, replacing the negativity I was in before.

It takes practice but if you keep doing it, your life will change for the better.

So the next time you’re not happy about something, try saying thank you over and over and see what happens. You might be surprised!


Thoughts, comments? Feel free to share below, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Brett

    Clear and simple. Yet powerful. Thanks Deb.

    1. Deb Hill

      Hey Brett!

      I’m thrilled and grateful to hear that 🙂

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