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How important is letting go to happiness?

Life can be difficult.

You have wants and needs, and letting go in any situation in which you’ve got a vested interest, can be challenging.

Yet when the time comes, knowing when to let go will make all the difference to your being happy or not.

Fear of change tells you to hang on, so you stay were you are, holding fast to an outcome you believe will keep you safe!

Yet when something ends, a relationship, a job, or an opportunity you thought would last forever, it’s an indication that it’s time to move on.

As the saying goes, when one door closes another door opens, but you have to let the door close first.

In doing so you leave room for something new to come forth.

But if we cling to an outcome

. . . we create needless suffering for ourselves and others.

The door is closing and we can’t change that! At some point we have to accept the reality of this.

When something’s over, no matter how hard the letting go, we won’t make it any easier by hanging on.

You don’t have to make it happen

This is where the magic happens.

All you need do is let go! Nothing more.

Remember when you were young, you’d dig a hole in the wet sand and each time you scooped it out it oozed back in again?

You didn’t make it happen, it just occurred naturally.

That’s because nature abhors a vacuum. An empty or unfilled space goes against the laws of nature.

Therefore, when something leaves, something else will be waiting to replace it.

What happens is out of our control

Do we really know what’s best for us?

The truth is, we don’t.

Just because we want it doesn’t mean we need it, or that it’s right for us!

Constantly connected to a wisdom and Power far greater than our own, this Power knows exactly what we need and when.

It takes time and practice, but in learning to trust what is put in front of you, and having faith in the process, you’ll find the ebb and flow of life gets easier.

This has been my experience.

Like yourselves, I’m on the journey too.

Though our circumstances differ, the opportunities for practice are plentiful.

In letting go, trusting you’ll be okay, things seem to work out in ways you could never imagine.

Such is the nature of life.


You only lose what you cling too ~ Buddha


Love to hear your thoughts on letting go. Or maybe you have questions, feel free to share your comments below.

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