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How the spirit affects your mind and body

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “healthy mind, healthy body”, but what if there’s more to it than that?

What if a healthy mind and body are dependent on having a healthy Soul. That these aspects are fundamentally intertwined with each other and cannot be ignored?

Experience is teaching me just that. The mind and body are dependent on the condition of the Soul for our overall happiness and wellbeing.

According to spiritual law the spiritual aspect is the main feature; it’s our core, followed by  the mind (thinking), and then the body (the physical or material world).

On this basis, the health of the Spirit is instrumental in determining the quality of your thoughts, which in turn influence your actions.

Ergo, if your spirit’s healthy then your thoughts will be positive, bright, happy, and this will lead to positive action and better choices.

You can experience enjoyment in the simple pleasures of life. You’ll focus on doing what you need to do and give up worrying about what other people will think of you!

“I am what I am and that’s enough” will be your mantra!

When you Spirit’s in need of some work, you can feel lost and confused, experience, and your inner critic never takes a holiday.

What does it mean to have a healthy spirit?

Having a healthy Spirit begins with the understanding that, as a human being, you have a higher self. This higher self (Spirit/Soul) is connected to the Divine, to the Universe, to God.

Understanding this law and how it works is crucial when it comes to achieving lasting happiness.

The situations which come to try you each day, the challenges and pain – it’s all part of the inner journey, the spiritual growth which pushes you forward.

Keeping your spirit in fit condition enables you to accept life’s challenges with calm and grace, and in order to do so, a daily reflection is necessary.

Change begins with self reflection

I do this exercise most evenings before bedtime and it helps me maintain an awareness of where my Spirit’s been that day.

I ask myself the following questions which you can use or choose your own:

What kind of thoughts did I have today? Where they positive and uplifting or negative and critical?
Was I of service to others?
Was I polite and well mannered?
Did I use kind/wise words?
Did I have a forward-looking, positive attitude?
Was I kind and warm towards others and myself?
Is there any cause for future regret?
Do I owe an apology?
Did I change for the better, even just a little today?

As I reflect honestly on these questions, I get an idea of my spiritual health.

And if your Spirit is well, your thinking will be on a higher plane. Your thoughts will be inspiring, ever enriching your world as you travel through life.


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