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How to choose happiness in life

A friend of mine once said “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?”

I was in the habit of wanting to be right, which at the time seemed infinitely more important than choosing happiness.

Clearly, I misunderstood the deeper significance of the question.  It’s difficult to know how to choose happiness in life when your ego’s involved.

Still, the choice is always ours.

Happiness is a choice

Now I understand happiness is my responsibility and I can keep it or loose it depending on whether I allow the ego to outrank my higher wisdom, or not.

Let’s say for instance, that we are arguing over a situation that I remember in a different way to you. When we take an ego centred approach, each person thinks they’re right.

And each person is.

You see it your way and I see it mine.

But from a higher perspective, by choosing to allow each other see it as we see it, we overcome the conflict in which misery and blame would follow.

So. If I hold you responsible for my happiness, I suffer.

The truth is my negative feelings are what’s causing me pain as a consequence of choosing from my ego. You have nothing to do with it!

Choices made from the True Self bring happiness. Why? Because from this deeper aspect our choices are in line with our deeper truth, and living from this truth results in happiness.

Furthermore, choosing from a higher awareness allows us to be who we are in whatever circumstances, and creates a calm, peaceful energy.

So you can choose to be right or you can choose to be happy – it’s your choice.

And how you choose will determine the happiness in your life and in the lives of those around you.



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