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How to go with the flow of life

There are people who seem to sail through life no matter what it throws at them.

They go down for a while only to bounce back again in no time, ready for life’s next adventure.

They have mastered the art of going with the flow.

What makes going with the flow difficult?

Difficulties arise when we judge ourselves.

We judge up as good and down as bad.

While happiness is right, sadness is wrong.

Yet all are essential, necessary even, for our inner growth and higher learning.

Take a bamboo plant, for example. The more nodules it has, the stronger it is.

The nodules give the plant it’s strength. They aren’t to hurt or damage it, they’re to make it stronger.

Applying this metaphor to our lives, it’s through the difficult circumstances that we grow the most.

Acceptance creates flow

I recently encountered an experience in which I did everything but go with the flow. I found it difficult to accept, and this blocked my higher learning.

Yet I knew the only way forward was to accept what was happening in the moment, without inventing a story.

You know how that goes, the made up catastrophe which never sees the light of day.

So I stayed in the moment and let myself feel what I felt.

In the present moment

Being present in the moment, with the reality of what is and not what we would have it be, has Power.

In fact, tough times are more easily overcome when we choose to accept what’s going on instead of denying it.

By staying in the moment, conscious of what’s happening, you’ll grow through the situation rather than be consumed by it.

So stop running from yourself, from your emotions, and learn to go with the flow.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you do.

So, in a difficult situation

. . . don’t fight. Go with the flow and see where it takes you.

Remember, you’re connected to a Power that knows what you need. Trust it, because You’ll be okay!

It’s true, we don’t always get what we want, we do however get exactly what we need.

Accept there’s only so much you can do and leave it up to a Universe which always has your back!


“Be like a tree, let the dead leaves drop” ~ Rumi

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