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It takes willingness to change

Most of us are afraid of change at one time or another.

I was afraid of change for a long time but I’ve come to realise there’s no such thing as change for the worst, only change for the better. Indeed, everything changes; it’s the natural order of things, it just takes time.

Therefore, when change comes embrace it because it means that you’re on the move and you’ll be OK.

Have faith in the process

It might not look that way at first because we tend to resist change but it’s this resistance to change which creates our suffering.

Have faith in the process. Accept it and in time you’ll see the truths that come with change.

Change is a natural process of life, meant to help and never to harm.

When I realised it was time for change, the question that came to mind again and again was “HOW do I change my life? That was as far as I got for a long time.

Today I understand

In truth, the only person who can transform you is you, and you need to want to because the ‘wanting’ is the key. With this attitude anything is possible because then you become willing to do the work.

By surrendering or letting go of your old ideas, old belief patterns you’ve held about yourself, you’ll experience the freedom that comes from discovering the real you.

The experience that all’s well in your world is awesome and not to be missed!


If you resist change, you will face challenges on a daily basis. If you consciously refocus your attitude to see the benefits of change, your outlook becomes positive and life becomes easier. ~ Catherine Pulsifer



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