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Learn to master your fear

According to Buddhist philosophy, there is learning in everything, you just need to look for it.

Take fear for instance. Fear can be your master or your teacher. It can be overwhelming to the point that you feel you’ll go over the edge, or you can learn from it.

When you run you give it power and over time it becomes harder to outrun.  When you stop running you can do something about it.

Eventually I learned to stop running

I realised that fear was like a bully, the more I ran, the more power I gave to it. I couldn’t outrun it, so I stopped. It was in facing the fear instead of retreating from it that it lost it’s power.

Many of us have been taught to run away instead of how to sit still at such times and just be in the fear, without giving it any value. Without judging it.

It’s neither good nor bad, right nor wrong; it just is what it is – an e-motion (energy in motion) called Fear.

We need to learn the practice of acceptance

You need to learn to stop fighting your fear. Instead of retreating, learn to accept it, to allow fear to be. This seems to be one of the secrets in overcoming fear, that when you ignore, it disappears.

If you’re thinking “She’s crazy, how can you ignore fear?”, by ignore I mean notice it but don’t buy into it. There’s a vast difference between trying to pretend it isn’t there (like that’s ever worked, not!), and acknowledging it but choosing to let it pass just like a cloud passing overhead.

When you learn to adopt an attitude of acceptance, fearful situations become your teacher, not your master.

There are lessons in everything, even your fear

You are a child of the universe, as the poem goes, and it knows exactly what you need and when. Experience is teaching me that there’s no mistakes, just lessons to be learned.

This is the lesson called Fear, what do I have to learn from it? Nothing more.

Think of it as an energy, providing you with an opportunity to learn about your Self.

Through the lesson you’ll learn to make changes necessary in deepening your Self understanding, enhancing your higher wisdom and spiritual growth.

As you grow you become free of the fearful habits that hold you back.

You become free of fear!


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