Life as a conscious being

Life as a conscious being

As we start on the journey towards consciousness, life takes on new meaning.

We see ourselves in a new light.

We break free of the past that once held us back and look forward to what is to come.

We allow ourselves to be who we are, without fear of what others will think.

We stop worrying about life as it is, gaining an understanding that everything happens in accordance with the arrangements of the Divine.

This helps us to practice being accepting of what occurs in our daily life, knowing that we’re being taken care of, and that we get what we need.

As we continue to live this way, we come to the realisation that life’s as it should be, that we can let go of unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others, and that we can Trust that if it’s true for one, then it’s true for all.

As a consequence, we begin to experience, more and more, the joy and peace inherent in becoming Conscious beings, through the growing awareness of a conscious connection with the Divine.


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