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Magic happens when you tune into your True Self

Do you realise how wonderful it is to be a human being? You might have been a horse or a tree. Instead you’re an awesome human, made up of three aspects:

    • Spirit – your Soul, authentic or True Self
    • Mind – thoughts, feelings, emotions
    • Body – the physical self, your environment

The Spirit comes first, being the most important aspect. It houses your Soul or True Self, that part of you which is connected to a higher source of unlimited love, wisdom and Power.

When you learn to tune into your True Self, magic happens.

Guidance is available every minute of the day, though it’s often difficult to hear because the mind is such a noisy place. That is one of the reasons why people pray, do yoga, practice mindfulness, or meditate –  to quieten the inner noise so guidance might be heard.

Like an ever flowing stream, guidance comes. You can choose to follow or ignore it.

First, you have to learn to ignore your negative self talk in order to hear anything.

However, this morning I heard and followed!

I went with the flow

Time for another blog I thought as I picked up the pen and began to write. I found myself not thinking as such, just allowing the words to flow spontaneously onto the page.

I could feel my mind (my thinking) wanting to interrupt, so I stopped and waited till it passed before continuing. The result is this article.

To be honest, this doesn’t happen often. Normally when I write. I plunge headlong into writing and editing at the same time, which takes hours, all the while questioning what’s showing up in front of me.

Still, I knew I was receiving direction from somewhere other than my mind so I kept writing.

I was mindful that I was the pipe, not the well. The information was coming through, not from me.

In hindsight, my best writing often happens when I become a receptacle rather than the originator of the thoughts.

You can rely on your guidance

Call it synchronicity, but stories about tuning into the True Self have been crossing my path all week, culminating in a text conversation this morning with a friend who’s  . . .  learning to follow her inner guidance!

Call it, guidance, intuition, or your inner GPS. There is a wisdom within, available to you every moment of the day when you tune into your True Self.

Over time you come to understand it and to rely on it.  To have experience in following what you hear is by far the best teacher.

You realise things flow naturally of their own accord without your interference.

Ignore the mind telling you it’s nonsense, it doesn’t like playing second fiddle to the Soul. Your trust in the process will grow through your experiences.

Start with something simple


Say cooking’s your thing.  Try asking the universe for guidance or direction with a new recipe.

The point of the exercise is to follow what your hear. And expect to hear it!

Thoughts like “This is stupid” or “This won’t work” will come, they always do! Let them pass like clouds in the sky. Guidance is always there, you just need to get still enough to hear.

It’s a practice. Start where you are and go with what feels right to you. And remember . . .


“Remain open. There is something bigger than you know going on here.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant


Love to hear your experiences in the comments section below!

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