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Step by step Deborah Hill Hobart Tasmania Mentor Coach Counsellor

Everything grows according to this principle.

Under the Principle of Step by Step, everything happens gradually, over time, and in a specific order. Therefore, if we follow this principle, harmony ensues, because it’s essential in the growth of things.

In nature, a tree starts as a seed, becomes a seedling and eventually matures into a tree. Babies grow into toddlers, who become children, who grow to adulthood. In school we begin with the ABC’s and simple addition and subtraction, before taking on the more difficult aspects of grammar and math.

We may fail if we don’t follow

But suppose we started a new job with the expectation that we should be in the director’s office, yet haven’t the knowledge and competence necessary to work at this level. In reality we need to start in a lower position and work our way up. The attitude that would have us avoid the training and start at the top, isn’t in tune with this principle and can cause us to fail.

The trend today

Moreover, the trend in today’s media and advertising is to tell us that we’d be happier if we had this or that product, lifestyle or job, and the sooner, the better. This often leads to excessive use of credit cards, hire purchase, attempting a job without learning sufficient skills, or even resorting to criminal activity in order to get what we think will make us happy.

The attitude that leads us to acquire materials, positions etc without the required effort, goes against the principle of achieving outcomes in a step by step manner.

coaching counselling deborah hill hobart tasmaniaHowever, if we practice the principle of step by step then we’d follow our goals by developing plans, whether it’s a savings plan for a new car, or a plan to return to higher education so that we’re qualified for the higher duties in a job.

Or we’d be willing to do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

Take your relationships step by step

When you first meet someone, it’s good to be able to listen to them, to seek to understand their point of view and ways of thinking, if you want to become friends.

When you spend the time getting to know each other, moving into a deeper relationship becomes easier than if you try to go too quickly.

Applying the principle of step by step we’d start by getting to know the other person slowly over time, moving from one stage to the next towards achieving a deeper, more intimate level of relationship with them.

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