Nature’s principles follow Universal Will

There is NO ego in nature.

When Autumn comes, trees drop their leaves. They don’t quibble about it. They just do it, knowing that in Spring they’ll receive a brand new set. They humbly follow nature’s arrangement which leads to their prosperity, because following these principles leads to happiness.

We can also learn from these principles

As you put these principles into practice in daily life, you notice how much happier and productive your life becomes.

For in the same way these laws apply to the natural world, they apply to us.

By putting them into action, change occurs, creating a deeper sense of connection and happiness within one’s self.

Overcoming life’s many difficulties

If you think about it, the universe is amazing.

For instance, the sun rises and sets, again and again, without hesitation. It needs no machines, screws, or hinges to control it, or nails to make it happen.

It is run by an unseen mysterious Power, greater than anything we could imagine.

In the same way that nature is governed by certain laws which allow everything in the universe to flourish together in harmony, so are we.

Therefore, we can overcome many of life’s difficulties by living according to these same principles.

An example of this is learning how to discern rather than judge. By doing so in your daily life, you’ll gradually shift towards balance and harmony within yourself.

Practice is important

Everything is connected to this Power

Add to the practice of these principles, the belief that everything is connected to a higher Power or divine aspect within (human beings) and without (nature and the universe), and you have a recipe for a more peaceful and balanced co-existence.

As we tune into this Power through practice of these principles, step by step we learn to access a higher wisdom, a wisdom which is beyond our human knowledge and understanding of why we’re here and for what purpose.

We need to work with the Universe and experience teaches me we need to work with whatever the universe sends us, in the understanding that everything has a higher purpose, and is for our greater good, according to the law of cause and effect.

Therefore, the practice of these principles takes us from believing we are victims, to a place where our awareness expands toward a sense of responsibility for ourselves.

From self responsibility we begin to realise the existence of a higher self and how to collaborate with this aspect, which is connected to a higher wisdom and power than our own.

We’re in a time of great change. The laws or principles found in nature will allow us to better understand this change within ourselves and in the world around us, enabling a smoother, more accepting transition through life. 

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