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One of the most important principles in the universe is the principle of Spirit first, followed by the mind, and then the body.

Everything in the universe is moved by spiritual energy (particles) or waves, which originate from the Spiritual dimension [invisible] into the physical world [visible]. Or from the unseen to the seen.

As a child I would spend hours watching the rain, wondering “Why are we here?”, “Where do we come from?” and “Where do we go when we die?”

I realize now that although I wasn’t aware of this Principle consciously, on a deeper level I knew instinctively there was something more than this physical existence, though I couldn’t see or understand at the time.

There’s something more than the physical world

Now I know the ‘something more’ is the Spiritual dimension, God, a higher Power, a universal consciousness, or Spirit of the universe. Whatever name you use or however you understand it, everything that materialises in the physical world starts from this unseen dimension of energy or vibration.

Materials come from the unseen realm

IMG_20150911_170927646_HDRFor instance, in nature, blossoms appear on branches from this unseen realm of energy within the tree, and later the fruit appears from the same realm within the flower.

In much the same way the journey of a child occurs, from the unseen realm of energy to the birth of a beautiful baby. Again, from the invisible to the visible.

However, human beings tend to apply this principle in reverse, believing the physical or material aspect to be the most important, followed by the mind, and in many cases the Spiritual or unseen realm is disregarded completely.

In order to explain what can happen when the Spiritual aspect is forgotten I offer the following two examples.

Example #1

In the past in trying to grow as much produce as possible we’ve sprayed crops to kill disease but neglected to consider the effect of the toxic spray on the unseen [hidden] aspect of the soil, which contains wonderful microscopic life forms essential for plant health.

By taking only what we can see and touch on the surface of the soil into consideration we’ve begun to destroy the very part of it [the unseen aspect] from which the energy or power to grow and nurture the crops emerge.

Example #2

Take a person in charge of others whose only concern is with the material aspect of life. They are oftentimes solely focused on the outcome, getting as much product made as possible.

They may use negativity and judgment to force or control others to achieve their aims. Understandably, this unseen negative energy only contributes to making those it’s directed at unhappy and less productive.

In ignoring the affect their negative energy has on the people around them, the person in charge makes it difficult to achieve the results they desire.


The above analogies show how important it is to consider the Spiritual or unseen energy from which everything originates, because discounting the affects coming from this dimension can often result in failure.

Moreover, it’s important to understand that this energy is the origin of everything that exists, and to forget the truth of this is to lose our spiritual centre.

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