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Suffering: Friend or Foe

No one likes to Suffer. There’s even a Buddhist proverb that says Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.

Suffering usually occurs because you don’t know why you’re in the painful situation, you don’t like it and start to judge yourself, which then makes the suffering worse.

But what if you understood Suffering from a different perspective. That suffering is a holy space and its role is to teach you about yourself and about Life.

Through developing the understanding that Suffering is an opportunity for your growth, that it’s simply an opportunity to learn, you can make peace with your pain as you make changes within.

The Universe has sent you a lesson and when it’s learnt you’ll move forward and the suffering will pass!

Think of it this way. Imagine if every time a difficult situation comes your way, instead of thinking “Oh no, here comes suffering”, you could think “Ah, there’s something here for me to learn, I wonder what it is?”

How to move beyond Suffering

Next time you find yourself in a painful or uncomfortable situation, send out an intention or prayer to the Universe asking for guidance about what the lesson is that you’re being shown, and then watch what comes to you.

You’ll turn on the TV and they’re talking about your ANSWER.

The phone will ring and a friend will say “You’ll never guess what happened to me”. This is your cue… listen to what they’re about to say because chances are it will be your ANSWER.

You get an intuitive nudge to go to the library where you take a book from the shelf, open it at a random page and… you guessed it… there’s your ANSWER

That’s how it works! The Universe is online 24/7 and is always ready to supply you with the answers, if you’re prepared to do your part and ask for help.

Next time you find yourself in a situation which causes you to suffer, try the above and watch what happens.

As you learn to tune in for the lesson rather than into the suffering, you’ll come to experience your suffering as an opportunity for growth and not something to be avoided.

The suffering was simply how the Universe got your attention in the first place!

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