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Surrender in life is powerful

The moment comes when you realise its time to Surrender, to go with the flow of life, or you’ll suffer.

At least this is my experience. When I hang on like grim death trying to control the outcome of anything, it never works. Even when it appears to work, I’m still not happy.

Yet, when I surrender to what is, I experience happiness, freedom and connection with my higher, wiser Self.

Surrender is powerful but not easy to practice

The dictionary defines surrender as a means to ‘give oneself up’ or ‘to concede something up to another’. Based on this understanding, surrender could be perceived as something weak.

However, from the perspective of our higher Self, surrender is the complete antithesis of weakness.

You grow through surrender. By letting go of the outcome and trusting what happens, you learn that you will be okay.

You learn that to go with the flow without judging the circumstances, is the best option to take!

At the moment you abandon what you think should happen, you become aware of the amazing power that’s available to you in every moment. You become free.

Whatever the situation, if you just surrender to life and let it take you where you’re meant to go, you’ll experience a smoother ride.

Over time you discover the outcome you receive is the right one for you.

Surrender can be simple

As I say, surrender is powerful but not always easy to do.

We’re used to thinking that either worry or the use of force will change a situation.

That we can control life. We can’t.

What will be will be, and yet that doesn’t stop us from trying, does it?

Yet, surrender can be a simple thing.

I recently invited a friend to dinner and decided to make a yummy veggie stew using fresh Basil, but hard as I tried I couldn’t find any, only Oregano.

I had two choices; keep hunting for the Basil or buy the Oregano. At this point I’m stubborn, not wanting to change the meal. I want Basil!

This is where it gets interesting

Unbeknown to me, my dinner guest is allergic to Basil.

I don’t know this but the Universe does and is trying to make a different arrangement. Still unaware of the Basil issue, I keep trying to force the situation.

Past experience has taught me that if I’m resorting to force, it’s time to stand back and look at what’s going on. I need to see it’s not working and surrender, but I’m not listening.

I have two choices; give up my menu plan for the new one, or ignore the guidance, buy Basil, and cook a dinner that will make my guest sick.

I Surrender  

. . . eventually! Realising something else was going on, I went with the Oregano.

When my guest arrived she told me about her Basil allergy. Guidance had been coming through all along.

Thing is, through situations like this you learn to see Surrender in terms of letting go of what your mind’s telling you, to follow your guidance, resulting in the better outcome.

As you learn to surrender to life’s arrangements, you discover it works!


Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. ~ Anon

Any experiences with Surrender you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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