I decided to visit Deborah, to find out more about the cause of my unhappiness and in the hope of finding a solution. I had been to a psychologist and a psychotherapist; I had read self help books and had not been able to make lasting changes. I had been seeking someone who had the answers I could not find, despite searching for so long.

I had been experiencing resentment and pain in my relationship, I seemed to have an inability to have a relationship without feeling inadequate and hurt by the behaviour of others. I knew that I had self esteem issues and could not find a way to stay happy with myself and others. I noticed that my self esteem and happiness seemed to fluctuate, depending on outside circumstances and conditions, depending on the behaviour of others, depending on outcomes. I also had a problem with anger.

After visiting Deborah, I understood that it sometimes takes guidance and knowledge from others who have been down a similar road and who are experienced at coping with life’s challenges.

After just a couple of sessions with Deborah, I began to understand myself and others more and the ways in which I was contributing to my own suffering. I discovered that it was more simple than I had imagined. I discovered that self responsibility and thorough honesty with oneself is the key to self discovery and growth. I also discovered the power of small habits and the way in which we choose to create with these. I found that I could change these small habits and thereby change my life.

Since using some very simple and practical tools, given by Deborah, my self esteem has increased, my ability to have more harmonious relationships has improved and my ability to manage anger has also improved greatly. I have become so much more self aware, I know myself much more than I did a short time ago. I am becoming my own best friend. My way of seeing things and my attitude toward people and situations has changed dramatically. I have shifted from a place of being the helpless victim, to being the master of how I experience my life. I now see that I always have a choice about how I respond. My world has changed for the better.

I am now a happier and more confident person and I feel empowered and supported by the tools that I now have on hand. My growth is continuous and it is something that I now take joy in doing.

For me, Deborah is a warm and genuine leader and source of guidance, who knows the path of personal growth. Where I found that others were offering either medicines or theories, Deborah offers simple yet brilliant techniques and real, practical solutions. I would recommend Deborah’s services to anyone who is interested in self improvement and enhancing their quality of life.


I went to see Deb because I was angry and confused. I love my family but I wasn’t on speaking terms with a certain family member and I was hurt because the other members of the family seemed to take her side. Deb helped me see my part in it. After this, I was able to talk to the family member in an honest way and things have been resolved. I could never have done that before. Deb helped me to be happy about my life as it is and I am very grateful to her for her kindness, understanding and for not judging me. Gwen


Something Deborah has taught me is that its not the truth that hurts but the lie. I had no idea how many false beliefs from my past and my upbringing were keeping me stuck. My whole way of thinking was hereditary and I didn’t know I had a choice to be different, to be me. It wasn’t until I started working with Deborah that I began to find my true self.

There I was, hidden beneath the stories. I am so grateful to her for sharing her tools and teaching me to recognise the spiritual truth behind all my experiences. It is a freedom that money cant buy. It has been a painful journey but one with the most powerful healing and awakenings. Deep down I knew there was a truer way to live and now I am living it thanks to Deborah.


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