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The higher Power’s available to us every day

I was reflecting the other day on what it means to be Human, and how easy it is to take our higher Power for granted.

I realised, here am I, connected to this amazing Source and yet I can forget it in a heartbeat.

And I started to think about my hands!

It occurred to me that they need no screws, hinges or anything of that ilk to move them.

Independent of my thinking, they move unconsciously.

That is to say, if I reach for something I’m not thinking about every aspect of the work involved by the fingers.  They know what to do without help or interference.

They are perfect in their design

They write, knit, sew, hammer, and chisel. They’ll bake bread for us, wash us, and take care of us throughout our lifetime.

What an intricate arrangement it is then, that we’re given hands!

Imagine having paws or hoofs, like animals. We couldn’t achieve our true purpose in life!

Truly then, a great Architect has designed them.

Now, think on this . . .

The same Power that designs and sustains our hands, designs and sustains us!

If this Power takes such loving care of our hands, it follows that it’s the same for our lives.

At least this is my experience.

When I surrender to this Power, I receive help in my relationships, my business, and indeed any problem you could conceive.

By contrast, if I listen to my mind alone, I can mess up the whole show!

Having spent most of my life depending on my own power, I’ve found a way of life that’s infinitely better.

How do I know it works? Because it’s the best life I’ve ever known.

Slowly, as you learn to tune into your inner wisdom, life takes on new meaning and you begin to see things in a different light.

An exercise to practice

  1. Find a quiet space.
  2. Make a little prayer or intention to the universe, asking that you might have a conscious experience.
  3. Then, slowly and thoroughly begin to observe your hands or indeed anything that you wish too. (Nature, your children, your pet)
  4. Think about how it/they move, grow, speak, laugh, make noise etc, without a motor, screws, hinges, or indeed any outside assistance.
  5. Think about the wonder of it.
  6. Let your mind’s focus be on what’s in front of you, as much as you can.
  7. Your mind will take you where it takes you. Just let your thoughts pass like floating clouds drifting by. Don’t resist them, don’t buy into them, just let them be, then return to the present moment.

Continue to do this exercise for as long as you like, and as often as you like.

The more you practice, the more you will come to experience deeper moments of awareness in your daily life.

You will experience Consciousness!


If you have any experiences or thoughts on this topic, feel free to share below.

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  1. Barbara

    i’m at a point where I can’t seem to go forward or go back. I felt so strong spiritually, as a Christian. I believe in God, but I can’t go back to a Church life as I did. I feel that there is truth not religious, but spiritual. Not one faith only, but not a religious body of Religions, even if it is said to be the spiritual of all. By a Prophet for this day and time, so I’m at a point where I feel alone and can say that I just don’t know., that I don’t know the truth, or what lies ahead of me not being sure or part of a group.

    1. Deb Hill

      I like your comment “I feel that there is truth not religious, but spiritual”.
      Not knowing the truth anymore is part of the journey, part of the process. We experience this as we let go of our old perceptions of what we believed the truth to be!

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