The higher Power’s available to us every day — 2 Comments

  1. i’m at a point where I can’t seem to go forward or go back. I felt so strong spiritually, as a Christian. I believe in God, but I can’t go back to a Church life as I did. I feel that there is truth not religious, but spiritual. Not one faith only, but not a religious body of Religions, even if it is said to be the spiritual of all. By a Prophet for this day and time, so I’m at a point where I feel alone and can say that I just don’t know., that I don’t know the truth, or what lies ahead of me not being sure or part of a group.

    • I like your comment “I feel that there is truth not religious, but spiritual”.
      Not knowing the truth anymore is part of the journey, part of the process. We experience this as we let go of our old perceptions of what we believed the truth to be!

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