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The importance of offering gratitude every day

I’ve noticed recently on Facebook that people are doing a daily Gratitude practice, posting three things they’ve been grateful for each day.

They share stories about how amazing this practice has been for them and the benefits they’re receiving from doing it.

Seems it’s happening elsewhere as well.

In conversation with a woman in the library last week she told me she’d been offering a gratitude practice for the last 100 days and felt so wonderful when it was over that she’d decided to extend it to 365 days.

“I want to keep this feeling going” she said.

So why does gratitude feel so good?

Because gratitude is a spiritual practice. 

There is Spiritual Power contained within the vibration of Gratitude and that’s what makes it’s so powerful. It matches the higher energy of your True Self or Soul, which is in constant communication with the Spirit of the Universe, God, or whatever your understanding of this is.

When you use the words “thank you” you’re actually tuning into this higher energy. That being the case, is it any wonder that it’s easier to handle difficult situations life puts in front of us when we’re grateful for them?

Gratitude can change your situation

When you’re in a situation that is distressing or uncomfortable, you don’t have to stay there. If you learn to practice being grateful at such times, your energy will change and you’ll move towards a more positive perception of what’s happening.

This is something you can experience for yourself, you don’t have to take my word for it.

At first you might think “Nonsense, how can I be grateful for this?”

You can! As you repeat thank you over and over you’ll experience a shift, a movement towards a brighter, more positive feeling within yourself.  It may appear as a feeling of calmness or as a sense of well-being, but it will happen!

We can’t change what’s happened, but we CAN change our attitude towards it, through the practice of Gratitude.

Regardless of what’s happening around you, a positive change occurs as you practice gratitude.

I offer thanks today without anything in particular happening. When it occurs to me to do it, I do it!

There are many things we can be grateful for but unfortunately we’re not taught to be grateful as a practice.

If you can learn to embrace this wonderful practice of Gratitude in your life, you’ll have nothing to lose but your negativity.

And as you practice, you’ll start to have many interesting and amazing experiences.

A gratitude journal

Keep a Gratitude journal. Each night before you go to sleep, write three things that happened that day that you feel grateful for.

It’s a wonderful way to end your day, going to sleep in a spirit of thankfulness!

If you’ve got any experiences with Gratitude I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to share your comments below.

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