imagesThis law refers to the principle that what we give out returns to us, multiplied. Therefore, to have a happy life, it’s important to understand how this principle impacts in our daily lives.

Take destiny. People tend to think of destiny as something inevitable and unchangeable but destiny is affected by Cause and Effect, which means we can influence our destiny.

How to create a better destiny

Because destiny is the result of each cause creating an effect and the effect creating a cause, we need to be mindful of what we’re sending out to begin with.  Put another way, if you don’t throw the pebble in the pond in the first place and there’ll be no ripple.

Understanding destiny from this perspective means we can consciously create a better destiny than the one we’ve got, leading to a brighter and happier future.

For example, if we understand that what we do (action) returns to us and practice being kind and generous, we’ll attract kindness and generosity under this Law.  On the other hand, if we’re greedy and self-seeking, this will return to us at sometime in the future as well.

Cause and effect is about vibration

Our thinking too is influenced by Cause and Effect. This is because the true origin of thoughts comes from an energetic or vibrational realm beyond thought.

Let’s use judgment as an example.

Something, be it a person or situation, sparks a judgmental vibration within us. It’s from this vibration that the judgmental thought’s are formed, which then manifest as an action or behaviour.

For instance, a man loses his job. He angrily judges himself as a bad husband or father now that he can’t support his family. To over ride his angry response, he may take several actions. Look for another job, decide he’s useless and go to the pub instead, or just sit at home and watch TV.

The point is – the angry response from which he takes action isn’t created from the anger, it originates from the vibration of anger beyond the thought. That is, Cause (the angry vibration) becomes Effect (the angry behaviour).

There are always two parties involved

Vibrations of Cause and Effect Holistic Coaching Counselling Deborah Hill Hobart Tasmania

Because it’s a law of Cause and Effect, there are always two parties involved.

That is, our vibration not only affects our thinking, it travels outwards and creates responses from those people it’s directed towards, which then manifest in their reactions right back at us.

In other words, even though you might not voice your anger, it’s the vibrational energy the anger creates which they receive, not just your words alone. And you can’t stop this vibration once you’ve released it; such is the phenomena of cause and effect.

Actually, animals are more aware of this innermost vibration than human beings. Remember the last time you thought you’d give the dog a bath, and suddenly they were no where in sight!

Thus, the law of Cause and Effect is always occurring with or without our understanding or awareness of its consequences.

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