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Time to replace judging with forgiving

Ever wondered why we judge so much? Judging seems to come naturally to us. We judge ourselves and each other – nothing’s sacred!

But would we indulge in judging if we understood that it creates a vibration of negativity.  A response which manifests as negative thinking.

Negative thoughts create an emotion, for example anger, and it’s from this perspective (anger) that we take the action.

Therefore, a heart of judging or deciding what is good or bad, right or wrong doesn’t work and only serves to create problems in our life.

But if we learn to be discerning instead of judging, we’ll begin to see how our thoughts create our actions which become our reality.

The Example of Nelson Mandela

For instance, take Nelson Mandela. For 27 years he was imprisoned by the South African apartheid government for standing against their repeated violations of human rights abuses against black South Africans.

However, upon his release, he decided to adopt an attitude of not judging and this enabled him to develop a magnanimous heart. Not only did he learn a valuable Spiritual lesson, but he turned his ‘bad’ situation into an opportunity to grow, setting us a wonderful example.

Had he been released and sought vengeance on his persecutors, think of the example that would have provided. Instead Mandela accepted the situation as his destiny and became of great service to the Universe through his example of being non judgmental and forgiving of others.

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