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Wave and Nodes Counselling DeborahHill Hobart Spirit Mind BodyEverything in the universe consists of waves and nodes and in daily life we experience them as the ups and downs in our life.

Both aspects are essential to our evolution, creating opportunities for growth and connection with ourselves and to the universe.

Usually though, we prefer to be on the crest of the wave rather than the bottom of the node. When we’re on the top of the wave feeling happy, we feel that it’s a ‘good’ thing, however when we’re at the bottom or in the node (experiencing pain or suffering) we often feel bad about ourselves.

That’s why we spend many years trying to avoid the nodes or the downs in life. However it’s impossible to do so because the principle of waves and nodes is a Spiritual Law and cannot be changed.

What’s important is to realise that it’s our tendency to judge when we’re in the node that makes it difficult to get through, when in reality it’s simply about learning the lesson that’s being shown to us and moving on without getting stuck in the judgment.

Indeed, as can be seen in nature, the more nodes there are in a Bamboo the stronger it is. This is true for us as well, the more challenges in life we overcome, the stronger we are for them.

Therefore, we need to realise that the ups and downs of life are for our growth and development and not to cause us harm Their purpose is to teach us a higher lesson that will enable growth, expansion and forward movement.

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